Video Poker Strategies For Maximum Return And Profit

It is very well-known that video poker strategies often result in the highest returns of any casino activity, and this is true for online and offline play.

Advantage Over the House

It is common knowledge that this is one of the very few games that gives the player a potential advantage over the house. This has been verified time and time again as participants who engage with perfect strategy find themselves enjoying a return rate that is over 100% - usually not by much, but in the long run, it adds up. Internet establishments that offer the same game usually have even greater return rates because they are more likely to have machines with full pay games. Full pay here refers to the best possible payout that a machine will provide. A full pay Jacks or Better can give back up to 4000 coins on a 5 coin wager as a result of the bonus that the best tables give for wagering 5 coins and getting a royal flush. Although most casinos will not publicly offer the expected returns on their machines, by comparing tables and choosing the best one, it is usually not difficult to find the full pay experience in any given establishment. The best tables will offer 9 coins for a full house, and 6 for a flush

Getting the Best Results

After finding that magic machine, it is important to know video poker strategies extremely well. There are a few things that can be done to ensure optimal results. It is important to prepare for as many possible hands and situations as possible. For example, not all hands that are dealt will offer immediate payouts. After receiving a hand that holds two high cards - generally Jacks or higher ranks - and no other combinations, the best move is to discard the other three. If instead a hand contains five low, unmatched cards, it is usually best to discard them all and hope for the best. Hands that contain 2 pairs are good to have, but can be potentially made better by discarding the last card for the chance to complete the full house. This same idea can be transferred to most combinations to create a chance of getting high ranking hands such as four of a kind, or flushes. If this option is available, it can help to practice these techniques and prepare for more scenarios by playing on a free machine for a time before making the switch.

These kinds of basic video poker strategies, as well as the general know-how of the game itself, can make or break a bankroll. Those who are able to play perfect games of video poker often end up making money rather than losing it, and when they do lose, their bankrolls suffer only minimally. The idea of having an advantage over the house is a very tempting option for most American gamblers, but maintaining it is not so simple, so it is absolutely crucial to know as much as possible before diving in and gambling on video poker in order to make that magical over 100% return.