Play Keno For Free Before Using Real Money

Online Keno is much like a local lottery: It's easy to learn and fun to play. The rules are straightforward enough and there are a vast number of interesting, easy-to-learn varieties. Getting started at USA casinos takes a little effort. A participant must purchase a ticket, choose your numbers, and then await the results. Whether you enjoy a brick and mortar gaming hall setting, or even an online venue, this title is one of the few that is simultaneously exciting and relaxing. Read the introductory tips and info below to get started.

Learning to Play

You can play Keno for free at some USA casinos, and few things are as easy to learn. Players simply select between one and ten numbers from a possible 80, and then await their results. The more numbers you match, the more you win. There is a bit of strategy involved, such as understanding payout ratios and selecting the wager amount to place per number. The basic rules, however, do not change.


In casino versions, outcomes are random and governed entirely by chance. There is no way to beat the odds or influence the draw. That being said, there are a few strategies for online games that can help increase a player's chances of winning and control his or her losses. Choosing the right casino is essential, for example, because bonus offerings, game types, and security vary between them. It's also important to bet effectively to influence how long and how often you will play. Many websites offer participants to play Keno for free so that you can test your IQ before betting real money. Practice will get you ready for the real thing. Also be sure to shop around and find the best casinos with the biggest promotions and bonuses before you start to wager money.


Keno provides no means of predicting the game's outcome. With more than 80 numbers to choose and a Random Number Generator (RNG) determining which numbers are picked, the possibilities are almost endless. But odds and payout information can be helpful, so be sure to check around for different guides and tip books.


Besides being able to count to 80, there are a few other tactics and skills that can greatly improve your chances of winning. Though this is fundamentally a game of luck (you can't predict or influence the numbers called), a few simple tips will go a long way. Play Keno for free before you dive in to the real thing, and when you do, choosing your bets practically and budgeting your bankroll will extend the length of your session and improve your odds.


This is one of the oldest games you will find in a casino, online or on land. Some people put the game's origins back 2,200 years ago. Leaders in China's Han Dynasty used its profits to fund wars, letting players select between 120 Chinese characters and be rewarded when their selections were drawn. It's said that Keno also helped fund the Great Wall.