Shoot Craps For Free Online

Craps is arguably one of the most exciting games you can find in casinos and online. If you've ever been to a brick and mortar casino, you will have seen the craps table by making your way to the loudest area on the floor. This is a high-speed title based on the tossing of a set of dice, and that same concept and action is available when you shoot craps free online. By using software simulators designed by many top-level developers, the same great thing has been created in virtual form for Internet users. Though there are many places to play for real money bets, individuals can also shoot craps free online via various types of software like Flash and Java based programs that require no money. In addition, people can download software to get started.

Website Software

Online software relies on a complex system of mathematical algorithms to determine each and every play. This is done by using a Random Number Generator, or RNG, and by using this sophisticated platform of programming, the outcome of each dice toss is determined by a set of complex algorithms that have been designed to give someone similar winning odds to what he or she would receive if shooting at a Las Vegas casino. Some free software providers can even adjust the Random Number Generator to offer a player slightly betting winning odds than what he or she would get if playing the real thing.


Many websites now allow people to shoot craps free online. The sites that use RNG technology and software offers users the exact same experience and odds they would get in a real game, but without the person even having to leave his or her home. Some online casinos go as far as having their Random Number Generator software tested for integrity in order to prove to the player that they offer true and fair gaming.

Where to Play

You can try out a few rounds here, if you'd like, and then you'll get a taste for how it works. Practice as often as you like in order to polish your skills and winning strategies, all while spending no money. Other virtual gaming halls exist that allow you to shoot for free, but our Random Number Generator odds are closest to what you would get in real life.


Long before website versions came about, it was enjoyed by many different cultures. Historians believe it originated in the Middle East, as far back as the 12th century. English crusaders in Jerusalem were amused by the entertaining pastime and brought it back to Europe where it became known as "hazard." Known as hazard in Europe, the pastime quickly gained immense popularity in England and especially France. By the 18th century, French sailors brought hazard to America via New Orleans. The rules changed slightly as the years progressed. As a dice roll of two was called "crabs" by the French sailors, to New Orleans spectators the word sounded more like "craps," and so it became the designated name.